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Hi, I’m Alp Yeni, an aviation enthusiast,
computer and esthetics lover from Turkey.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, "If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." My passion is aviation, and having that passion made me who I am today. Hi! I am Alp Yeni, and I am a freelance web developer, community and social media manager, and user experience creator.

Over the years, I have participated in many projects both in a voluntary and in a professional capacity. I have experience in managing international brands and in creating projects for the benefit of the community I love: aviation. Spirit of entrepreneurship is what fuels my passion for creating and supporting brands in every aspect. People I work with believe that I have an inborn talent in that.

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My Working Process

Work Experience

Make Me Joi Coffee and Juice
SEP 2019 - Present

Working as a branch manager, and created the UI/UX of their amazing brand website.

International Virtual Aviation Organisation VZW
MAY 2015 - Present

Starting my voluntary career as an assistant webmaster of their Turkey Division, and taking most of the digital marketing skills as being their number one Public Relations Advisor for three years, I am currently the Vice President of the Board of Governors, taking the second highest seat of a 200.000 member worldwide organisation, catching the chance to lead the world's largest flight simulation organisation.


Dokuz Eylül University
SEP 2017 - Present

Following my interest in English Language back in high school, I chose to enroll in their American Culture and Literature Department, which lead to my expertise in English language. Whilst studying, I have discovered many different horizons and thanks to this experience, I am now seeking a professional career in international aviation business administration.

Anadolu University
SEP 2018 - Present

In search of a career in aviation sector, I am enrolled in their Aviation Administration program. I have been taking business administration and digital marketing, as well as advanced aviation administartion classes within that program.

The disappointing voice from the people around you suddenly turns into a supportive voice as soon as you pass through the rough road and as soon as you sprint to your target, simply when it becomes inevitable to achieve the unachievable.

Laçin Alp Yeni

Vice President, IVAO